Weekend Edition: 10-7

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  • About the only thing that makes winter bearable is back! The NHL season began Wednesday and tonight is the Stampede‘s home opener. Added bonus: watching hockey is exercise

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

  • These Are Not Acts of God (“Our politicians mourn, our media serves the familiar narratives, and we end the day in the same place where we started it, bewildered by reducible catastrophes but unwilling to do anything about it.”)
  • What Science Says About ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ (“Murphy’s central concern with offering ‘thoughts and prayers’ is not that doing so is ineffective at solving health issues, but rather that prayer is offered in place of actual policy solutions.”)
  • The Real Value of Money (“Materialism, by and large, is a psychological trap. No matter how much you own, how much you buy, how much you earn, the disease of more never goes away.”)

Blog Headlines of the Week (Las Vegas edition)

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One of course wonders why in the president’s view a black man protesting racial injustice by kneeling during the anthem is a ‘son of a bitch,’ while whites marching along Nazis and the Klan to protest the removal of a statue of a Confederate general is a, quote, ‘very fine person[.]'”

Jake Tapper, September 25

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