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Dumb Lawyer of the Month (Year?) Award

No, you may not give specific legal advice on how to orchestrate a killing in a way calculated to provide a fabricated defense to criminal charges

Nonbookish Linkage

The story of Noah’s Ark may have been fake news Where did music come from? Confronting “Who We Are” How […]

Speaking truth to power


The Ball of the Burning Men

Wholly unexpected events were one of the things the Game of Thrones series used to its advantage. One of the most shocking was the third season’s “Red Wedding”, where leading members of the protagonist Stark family were massacred at a wedding reception. Today marks the 628th anniversary of an equally shocking event albeit one that […]

Loco Lawsuits: It’s the NFL’s Fault

I no longer follow the NFL but with the teams being set for the Super Bowl, it seems appropriate to kick off Loco Lawsuits with a reminder that sometimes there’s little difference between a fan and a fanatic.

In the 2014 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys won the East Division, putting them in the playoffs […]

Weekend Edition: 1-23

Bulletin Board

Because I’m still in a PTSD reading mode, there will be more posts about history on this blog for a while, along with a new topic called Loco Lawsuits, premiering next week.

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The Worst President in History

Head Scratcher Headline of the Week

This fossilized butthole gives […]