Loco Lawsuits: Beyoncé, Part 1 – She’s a CIA lackey

Despite the money, it’s tough being a world-famous celebrity. There’s the paparazzi, the tabloids, and the stalkers. Plus, you become a target for some of the oddest lawsuits. Just ask Beyoncé, who’s been the subject of bizarre allegations.

For example, in October 2012 Naomi Riches, “d/b/a Naomi Leatherman,” sued Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z in […]

The politics of Thomas Jefferson’s donation to the Library of Congress

In 1800, the seat of the U.S. government relocated to the District of Columbia. Among final preparations for the move, in April 1800, Congress appropriated funds for what would become the Library of Congress. With the U.S. Capitol as its home, the library’s first books arrived the following year. But in August 1814, the library […]

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Legal Advice of the Week

“Here’s a tip: if you’ve been doing something in court, and it makes the judge so mad she has to take a five-minute recess to cool off, you should stop doing that thing.”

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The most vaccinated in America? Atheists, at 90 percent I remain continually appalled by the […]

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Irony of the Week

These nutcase yahoos are using their First Amendment rights to support an attempted overthrow of the government — the day after Constitution Day

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The mind does not exist The myth of “forced vaccination” Did Bach encode information in his compositions? Researchers create an entire virtual universe

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Miniature […]

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Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

Every Dog Is a Rescue Dog (“They enlarge our sympathies and sweeten our disposition. They pry open the day when it balls up into a little fist.”) The Third Force (“Chronic stupidity is not the result of injury or genetics; it’s a learned behavior.”)

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