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New Research On Trump Voters: They’re Not The Sharpest Tools In The Box

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Two years of Covidiocy The right’s slant on religious freedom is a slippery slope When I practiced law, I wholeheartedly agreed that this is a total waste […]

Loco Lawsuits: The woeful tale of Leo, the Bichon Frise

On February 11, 2000, Sara McBurnett was driving to the San Jose airport to pick up her husband. Their 19-pound Bichon Frise dog, Leo, slept on the front seat. A black SUV with Virginia license plates passed her on the right shoulder and cut in front of her into the lane to her left. McBurnett […]

Biweekly Edition: 3-12

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Are Polar Bears Altruistic or Just Bad At Math?

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Idaho Lawmakers OK Legislation That Could Fine, Jail Librarians

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On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Would Be a Climate Problem

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“National narcissism is strongly tied to the spread of COVID-19 conspiracy theories.” The long, […]