An atheist’s Easter confession

I’ve been an avowed atheist for decades. I’ve always found the Bible and the story of Jesus incredible in the true sense of the word — not credible. Perhaps that accounts for some of the “D” grades I got in “Conduct” in Catholic school. But I have a confession to make, pun intended. Every year […]

A tradition of institutional self-protection

One of the best things about reading history is the insight or perspective it can provide on today. I saw a perfect example over the weekend in The Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio: The True Story of a Convent in Scandal. Written by German ecclesiastical historian Hubert Wolf, the book looks at the Roman Catholic Church’s investigation […]

I agree with the Pope??!?!

Although I have other issues with Catholicism, one thing that’s always bothered me about it and virtually all Christian religions is the tendency to pick and choose what tenets to apply. Catholicism often seems far more interested in political issues like contraception, abortion, and gay marriage than what I gathered to be the essence of […]