The day 343 was my lucky number

I recently finished an oral history of the period from August 1969 through September 1970, one of the most tumultuous of 20th century America. The first chapter dealt with the draft and the draft resistance movement and, as would be expected, the Vietnam war infused the other topics in the book, which I recommend reading. […]

Enjoying a busy celebration

I was largely incommunicado the last week or so because I’ve been wrapped up with (and worn out by) a family get-together and celebration in Massachusetts.

Doing as I said, not as I did, my youngest daughter, Tracy, was named a 21st Century Scholar at UMass-Amherst last week. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but… […]

Visiting a few longtime bookshelf denizens

In decluttering my home retreat and bookshelves a couple weekends ago, I noticed a number of books that have been with me since I was a college undergraduate some 30 years ago. Perhaps that is not uncommon and the fact several deal with history may make them more likely to be kept. Still, I couldn’t […]