DVDs – Mixed edition

Another installment in the intermittent posting of recently-viewed films. (On a 5 star scale listed alphabetically).

Europa, Europa (1990) ***1/2

A German film by a Polish director that won Golden Globe for best foreign film in 1992. An interesting take on the Holocaust, supposedly based on the true story of a Jewish boy who manages […]

DVDs – Foreign edition

For whatever reason, I’ve watched more DVDs in the last couple weeks than in the last several months. Not up to full reviews of them but thought it worth posting a couple comments. Here’s a few of the foreign films consumed recently, rated on a 5 star scale and listed in alphabetically.

Coup de Torchon […]

The God Who Wasn’t There (DVD) (2005)

The God Who Wasn’t There has been the subject of a bit of buzz both in the mainstream media and on the internet. Simultaneously out this month in limited release in theaters and on DVD, it is Brian Flemming’s attempt to show that Christianity is predicated on a man/god who never existed. It is a […]