DVD quick takes

A Very Long Engagement (2004) 4.5/5

A wonderful and beautifully filmed French movie that reunites the star (Audrey Tautou) and director (Jean-Pierre Jeunet) of Amélie (which I admit not having seen). A Very Long Engagement somehow manages to combine the horrors of World War I with a mystery and a story of love, hope and […]

DVD Review: No Direction Home (2005)

Fabulous. Wonderful. Fascinating. Slightly flawed. Incomplete.

All of these are perfectly appropriate descriptions of Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home. The documentary was released this week on DVD and will air on the American Masters series on PBS next week. Perhaps what is most impressive is that the interviews with Dylan himself show him at his […]

DVD Takes

I had intended to post a review today about No Direction Home, Martin Scorsese’s new documentary on Bob Dylan. Unfortunately, the travails and tribulations of life have kept me from getting to Disc 2. Hence, in the interim I offer an installment on some previously recently viewed DVDs. Hopefully, Scorsese on Dylan will appear here […]

DVD takes

Distant (2002) 2.5/5

A slow-moving Turkish film that explores isolation in the midst of others. Reminiscent of Italian neorealism, the film is based on a down-on-his-luck villager going to Istanbul to find a job and moving in with a down-on-his-emotions photographer who hails from the same village. The film won the Jury Grand Prize at […]

DVD takes

Having spent too much time and uttered too many curses battling some connectivity issues, I figured it was time for a soothing installment of recently viewed DVDs ranked on a 5 star scale:

Ballad of a Soldier (1959) ****

An engrossing Russian film about a front line soldier in World War II who gets a […]