I hate when that happens

One of my favorite things is to sit on our deck in the morning or evening with a glass of iced tea and the dogs and read a book. Sunday morning was gorgeous so I indulged, grabbing a book of the “TBR” shelves for good measure.

I must have picked up A Simple Twist of […]

Midweek Music Moment: The Trinity

For reasons ranging from time and interest (or lack of either), it’s been more than a year since I’ve done one of these posts. And I have to admit that the topic of this one actually came up in late summer or early fall. But I’m hoping to resume this a bit, if only sporadically.


Dylan treats fans equally, even those named Obama

Anyone who’s attended a Bob Dylan concert knows he is far from a gregarious stage presence. After attending several of his concerts, my wife and I remarked to each other at a show in Minneapolis that he’d actually spoken to the audience other than announcing a song title or saying “Thanks.”

But if you think […]

The Vatican’s Desert Island Discs

What’s going on at the Vatican? Is Pope Benedict trying to be even more hip than John Paul II? On Sunday, its official newspaper published a list of the top 10 rock albums. Not surprisingly, none of the records on its list of Desert Island Discs is on my list. Even without that, the list […]

Midweek Music Moment: Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan took only six days to record Highway 61 Revisited, the last being August 4, 1965. What did he accomplish in those six days? Well, the album itself ranked fourth in Rolling Stone‘s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The opening track, “Like A Rolling Stone,” tops the magazine’s list of […]