Hoax created best-selling album

November 1969 saw the release of a rock album called The Masked Marauders, so named because contractual obligations precluded identifying the world-famous musicians. Still, the liner notes declared it a “once in a lifetime” and “epoch-making” album. It sold more than 100,00 copies. The opening cut, “I Can’t Get No Nookie,” was reportedly called “clearly […]

Midweek Music Moment: “Bangladesh,” George Harrison

(As I’ve been listening to a lot of music during my blog absence, I thought it might be worthwhile trying to resurrect the Midweek Music Moment series.)

I’m one of those people who loved the Beatles (and still do) but was always equivocal when it came to the “who’s your favorite Beatle?” question. But […]

Midweek Music Moment: The Concert for Bangladesh

We didn’t realize it at the time but one of them there paradigm shifts occurred in music on August 1, 1971. That afternoon and evening, more than two dozen famous and not so famous musicians performed at two sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. Gathered by George Harrison, the performances were benefit concerts for […]

Midweek Music Moment: All Things Must Pass, George Harrison

Truly, I’m not on a Beatles kick. The fact three of the first four Midweek Music Moments have dealt with Beatles-related releases is a coincidence of dates. And a couple things justify this week’s selection. First, as far as I am concerned, All Things Must Pass, released on Nov. 27, 1970, is the best post-Beatles […]

Book Review: Here Comes the Sun (2006)

People loved to label the members of the Beatles. Paul was “the cute one.” John was “the smart one.” Ringo was “the sad one.” George was always “the quiet one.” And just as Lennon eventually was viewed as “the political one,” Harrison became “the one who was into those strange Eastern religions.” Hopefully, Joshua Greene’s […]