Welcome to the book review slums

You would think I would automatically hail the advent of a new interweb book review site, especially one created by a well-respected national magazine. But I can’t say The New Republic did much to entice me when it announced its new online book review, The Book.

In an online letter to “Friends of Books and […]

Bloggers back in Senate shield law proposal

You may recall I posted last month about how a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee amendment to legislation creating a federal “reporters privilege” appeared to require that a person work for the mainstream media, thereby excluding most bloggers. Now it appears the committee will do a near complete reversal.

Sens. Charles Schumer (D.-N.Y.) and Arlen Specter […]

Amendment to shield law bill protects only MSM bloggers

Both houses of Congress are still considering legislation to create a federal “reporters privilege,” legislation that took different approaches for bloggers. At bottom, the difference was whether someone had to earn an income from blogging to be protected by the law. Now, an amendment in the Senate Judiciary Committee would not only abandon the Senate’s […]

Who you gonna believe? Survey says: Not the news media

We hear a lot lately about the struggles of traditional news media in the Internet age. But it seems a lot of people believe the damage may be self-inflicted.

A new study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press indicates the fewest number of people in more than two decades believe […]

2007 Oops Awards

That’s my name for it but Regret The Error has announced its annual awards in media errors and corrections, which it calls Crunks 2007. The scope and variety of awards makes the entirety worth reading. Yet the following correction from The Sentinel-Review in Woodstock, Ontario, probably ranks as my favorite:

In an article in Monday’s […]