A pretty poor poster child

South Dakota JAILer-in-chief Bill Stegmeier said my wish for more JAIL ads would come true with a full page ad in the Argus Leader today. It’s there but it won’t generate the hours of blog time BS predicted. Aside from it being so dense with type few people will read it, it simply trots out […]

The BS fixation on “prison slave labor”

While South Dakota Bill Stegmeier fixed the misstatement his BS committee made in an ad accusing the state of opposing Amendment E because it wants “prison slave labor,” he ain’t gonna let the argument go.

In a new ad headlined “Is Justice For Sale In South Dakota?”, BS now says South Dakota’s prison industry, […]

Only one set of numbers really counts

So Billy S. asks in his inimitable style (you know, calling people a “dick” is the level of his political discourse) what I think of KELO’s poll numbers. At least now, they’re not online but, as I recall from this evening’s news, they were 50 percent “Yes” and 41 percent “No.”

I first heard about […]

No accountability in campaign finance report

South Dakota Bill Stegmeier’s Judicial Accountability committee (a/k/a “the BS committee) has filed its pre-election campaign finance report. To say it makes interesting reading is an understatement. In fact, it might even border on a criminal reading.

Let’s start with the bottom line. The BS committee brought in $28,348.90 in contributions, of which $25,902.90, […]

J.A.I.L.’s Lies – Part 13

My turn on the op-ed pages came Tuesday. What appeared was a version of what began as another post in this series. It also could have been titled “J.A.I.L.’s Ultimate Lie.” For what it’s worth, what follows is the original draft of the post before I edited and rewrote it for submission to the local […]