No good reasons offered to stop Adam and Steve

I anticipated some uproar following this week’s decision saying South Dakota’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Either I’m not familiar with the places it’s showing up (which may be a good thing) or the response to date has been quite muted.

What struck me about the decision wasn’t the result or the legal framework […]

What happened to that peace dividend?

With the Cold War being waged for more than half my life, I was among the many millions fascinated with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twenty years ago today, the East German government — intentionally or not — opened up its borders. For most, it is also perhaps the most substantive symbol of the […]

Why we must fix our immigration system

Ranging a bit far afield from the usual topics of this blog but dealing with a subject of professional interest, a couple recent items reinforced this country’s problem with immigration. It isn’t illegal immigrants — it’s the fact our immigration system is broken.

Our immigration law labyrinth is not only a factor in illegal […]

Go. Look. Read. NOW

From a photographer who’s spent the last five years on the Pine Ridge Reservation: “I think I honestly want these photos to hurt the viewer.” (H/T Prof. Newquist.)

And while it doesn’t address this level of poverty, it is still an appropriate time to remind you to read John Scalzi’s “Being Poor.”

Poverty is like […]