Psychotic ‘patriots’

Evidently it doesn’t take much any more to start throwing around death threats. Locally, the mischaracterization of a recent decision by the Sioux Falls School District has led to school board members receiving a variety of menacing calls and emails, some threatening death. And it’s all because of “patriotism.”

See, the School Board recently amended […]

We’ve gun off the deep end

I need to preface this post with two comments. First, I am a strong supporter of gun control. Second, school administrators and teachers often are in a no win situation when it comes to policies and procedures. But the fact some wacko people get ahold of guns and start shooting in schools, theaters, malls, etc., […]

Is there a constitutional right to literacy?

An interesting class action lawsuit was filed in Michigan this week. Essentially, it claims the approximately 1,000 students in the Highland Park School District have been denied the right to a basic and adequate education because the school system has failed to ensure that students are reading at grade level as required by state law. […]

Grade reading level doesn’t equal one’s literacy level

There seemed to be a lot of doom and gloom last week in the coverage of a new survey on reading in American schools. But it seems like a number of people, including at least one individual who contributed a piece for the publication, may need to look beyond the bare numbers.

Admittedly, the […]

Throwing the dictionary out of school

Too often supposed moral outrage deprives both individuals and government bodies of common sense. The latest case in point? First, a California school district removed a dictionary from all all school shelves after a parent complained about a student finding a definition of “oral sex” in it. Now, the Menifee Union School District is forming […]