Stupid is as stupid says

Once again, Trumpists, right-wingers and the like display an overabundance of cognitive dissonance in one of their latest hissy fits. This tizzy stems from President Donald Trump being banned by Twitter, Facebook and other mainstream social media sites and that some 70,000 accounts being suspended after the Capitol riot for espousing the QAnon lunacy and […]

The death of newspaper reporters and editors

For a number of years, I was a newspaper reporter. I started as a sportswriter and moved through the “cops and courts” beat and eventually became a political reporter, covering the legislature, local government and elections. I enjoyed the job because every day was different and you got to experience and learn about a lot […]

Florida judges may have fewer lawyer “friends”

Social media is making its presence felt in many aspects of life. In Florida, that includes the state judiciary.

The Florida Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee last month issued an opinion on the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, in the context of the judiciary and judicial elections. Among other things, a judge […]