Political ruminations

A combination of the doldrums and plain weariness for much of it has kept political musings to a minimum despite the fact there’s a lot going on. In fact, I have yet to actually look for or at any list of bills introduced in the state legislature this year. Still, here’s some ruminations from the […]

Some (temporary) parting Alito notes

While it drives traffic to the site, I am going to move on from the Alito nomination to more mundane things of daily life. Just a few notes on the way out that door:

First, I find it interesting the Sen. Tim Johnson was the second Senator with whom Alito met. Could it be there’s […]

Nomination info sources

There are some basically nonpartisan sources of information out there as the Alito nomination moves through the process. From my standpoint, two of the best are How Appealing and SCOTUSblog.

The former is run by Howard Bashman and is devoted largely to providing links to stories and information on appellate litigation. As a result, it […]

Alito follow-up

My post this morning about the nomination of Samuel Alito prompted plenty of visits and a few comments. At least one comment said that after having professed to keeping an open mind, I proceeded to attack Alito. Perhaps I wasn’t clear and I think developments today have shown why I want to learn more.

First, […]

Alito and John Thune’s America

Less than a week after the extreme right slapped him in the face, Bush has apparently done penance at their altar by nominating Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. I’m going to wait for more details but note that one conservative told NPR he was a “grand slam” for the right wing and at least […]