Number one (too bad it’s with bullets)

The administration’s efforts to bring to fruition the neocons’ Plan for a New America Century was selected the top censored story for 2002-2003 by Project Censored. (Via Alternet). From what I’ve read of PNAC, it’s is the script the Bushies are following.

The list further undercuts the myth of a biased liberal media. The top 5 censored stories involve actions taken by the Bush Administration. Whether it was 9-11 or whatever, the media has largely given Bush and crew a free ride. Hopefully, the administration’s media cakewalk is collapsing under the weight of the countless lies.

Talking Points Memo notes, “something’s changing.” Cheney’s weekend appearance on Meet The Press seems to have broken the backs of some media camels. Maybe if this keeps up more and more people will realize the truth of the blistering Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial, which concluded:

Opponents of the war are fond of saying that “Bush lied and our soldiers died.” In fact, they’d have reason to assert that “Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz lied and our soldiers died.” It’s past time the principals behind this mismanaged war were called to account for their deliberate misstatements.

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