Think what we tell you or watch out

I know my conservative friends will say these are just rare examples that we like to blow out of proportion. Still, the America of Ashcroft and the Patriot Act ain’t a pretty sight. A few months ago the FBI was out questioning some guy because of what he was reading. Now, they’re out knocking on the doors of an antiwar website. How many of these incidents do we never hear or learn about? (On a related note the Center for Democracy and Technology has a well-done analysis of the claims made at the DOJ’s website trying to reassure us about the Patriot Act.)

And to follow up on last week’s comment about the Administration’s desire that you only learn what it wants you to know, check out the report on the continuing denial of access to information. (Both prior items via Behind the Homefront). Totally on point with that comment is the lead in this story in today’s Washington Post:

The Bush White House, irritated by pesky questions from congressional Democrats about how the administration is using taxpayer money, has developed an efficient solution: It will not entertain any more questions from opposition lawmakers

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