Music notes

Been a long dry spell in the blogosphere for no immensely good reason. May as well pick up where I left off, in the music field.

Congratulations Jackson. How cool is it that the announcement Jackson Browne is going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame comes about a week after I got to see him? Jackson, of course, views it as I would expect, saying: “I have a kind of ambivalent stance when it comes to it. I mean, the music has got to be its own reward. Doing it is the most rewarding.” He did go on to say, though, that it was “very cool.” No bout adoubt it.

World’s Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band. To show how far behind I am, even though I bought it the day of release, it took me almost 10 days to get around to watching Live in Barcelona, the DVD of a concert from The Rising tour of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I know the Stones have long claimed or been proclaimed to hold the title of the world’s greatest rock band. If you’ve ever seen the Boss and the E Street Band, though, you know who truly holds that title. Buy it, rent it, whatever (or Live in New York City or The Complete Video Anthology.). Only Live in Barcelona is a complete concert that can give you a simple glimpse of what an E Street concert is like. Nothing can compare to being there in person, though. Every time you see them you think you may have just seen the best concert you have ever seen. And while I’m on the topic, check out Backstreets. Not only is it the site for everything Springsteen, it publishes one hell of a magazine

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