Odds and Ends – Information edition

A Loss in the Blogosphere. I can understand why, but I’m sorry to see Thomas Spencer “retire” from his blog, Thinking It Through. Based at the History News Network, Spencer’s blog was one I checked frequently, if not daily. It was well written and thought out. It’s a shame to see a good one go.

Information Overload? In the category of it isn’t what’s out there, it’s what you do with it is a UC-Berkeley study about just how much information is out there. Here’s a couple items from the Executive Summary:

  • The World Wide Web contains about 170 terabytes of information on its surface, which is 17 times the size of the Library of Congress print collections. It is also triple the estimate this same group made in 2000.
  • Email generates about 400,000 terabytes of new information each year worldwide. It estimates two-thirds of the email is personal and one-third is spam. (My personal opinion is the study is light on the spam estimate).
  • There are about 2.9 million active blogs, containing about 81 GB of information. (So what are the odds you’re reading this one??)

A Nice Note. Evidently at least one or two people are finding this blog. I had a nice thank you note from Mitchell Freedman, the author of A Disturbance of Fate. He noticed his book appeared on my “reading list.” It’s a piece of “alternate history,” exploring what might have happened had RFK not been assassinated in 1968 and won the presidential election. I’m only about 200 pages in but so far it’s not bad. Thanks for the note.

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