Way to go Minnesota!

What is it about Minnesota? It gave Dennis Kucinich his best showing in the primary season. I am right next door and guarantee you Kucinich would be lucky to be even a small blip in a primary here (as he was in many other states). Someone explain how it is that Minnesota comes from about the same type of ethnic stock and background yet can give Kucinich his due and put someone like the late Paul Wellstone in the Senate.

Truth be told, I am/was like probably far too many. I loved Kucinich’s ideas but believed him unelectable. At the same time, I thought that while somewhat overstated Matt Taibbi’s comment in the New York Press was very valid:

I will never forgive America for what Dennis Kucinich went through this year. Because he has had the audacity to call for an end to all wars, to announce plans for the creation of a Department of Peace, to question the very culture of viciousness and intolerance and crass commercialism that rules our public discourse, he has been labeled a lunatic by nearly every “responsible” press organ in this country and cruelly mocked to a degree that no civil society should allow an honorable man to endure.

* * *
I am a Dennis Kucinich supporter because I believe America’s greatest problem is its incivility, its intolerance to new ideas, its remorseless hatred of weakness and failure, the willingness of its individual citizens to submerge their individual cowardice within the vicious commerce-driven standards of our national self-image. George Bush is a terrible president, but he is merely a by-product of these wider national tendencies, which exist outside of him and independently of him. And these tendencies are symbolized exactly in the laughter directed at Dennis Kucinich. To vote for Dennis Kucinich, I believe, is to vote for man’s right to publicly be who he is and not be ridiculed for it. If we are peaceful people, it is a vote for our right to merely be who we are.

(Via Cursor). While I don’t know that incivility is our “greatest” problem, there’s no doubt Dennis Kucinich’s vision of America is a far better one than Bush’s. Of course, agreeing with Taibbi just indicates I retain some glimmer of altruism not yet totally crushed by modern American politics.

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