Two note samba

Watching a few minutes of First Monday on KELO Monday evening reminded me why I don’t watch it and other political-oriented shows. I just get too irritated.

Setting me off was Rob Regier of the South Dakota Family Policy Council. He has one goal and one goal only — to associate Stephanie Herseth and Tom Daschle with the buzz words “abortion” and “same sex marriage.” Here is my editorial summary of how Regier diverted a discussion of campaign issues:

Regier: Stephanie Herseth supports GAY MARRIAGE!

Scott Heidepreim: Wait a minute. Stephanie came right out and said she agrees with the President and supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Regier: Stephanie Herseth supports ABORTION!

Scott H.: Wait a minute. We were talking about gay marriage and how Stephanie…..

Regier: Tom Daschle supports GAY MARRIAGE!

Scott H.: ….has made her position clear on that issue.

Regier: Tom Daschle supports ABORTION, too! In fact, both Stephanie Herseth and Tom Daschle support ABORTION!

That is the level of what this group and its cohorts are going to contribute to the campaigns this year. See, Regier and his pals don’t want to know what the facts are. Their entire goal is to say “gay marriage” and “abortion” in the same sentence with Stephanie and/or Tom as much as possible. Why is it that these limited issue demagogues are not only given a free platform but basically escape unscathed in the media?

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