Whisper, innuendo and slime

On the “gay marriage” front, a couple months ago I mentioned the possibility of Stephanie Herseth facing a “she’s a lesbian, you know” whispering campaign. Well, it has started. I don’t claim or have any reason to believe the Diedrich campaign is behind this. The fact is, though, there’s plenty of sotto voce talk about how a woman of Stephanie’s age and attractiveness wouldn’t still be single if she were a heterosexual.

And some of the innuendo is even more overt. For example, a recent letter to the editor reports someone was apparently running a push poll about Diedrich being “a married family man” who supports “our South Dakota values” while Stephanie is “supported by gay-lesbian groups.” And some of the circle jerk bloggers are all agog about another letter to the editor reporting that “an openly lesbian candidate from Sioux Falls [told] a group of homosexuals that Herseth is definitely on their side.”

I guess, then, there was a typo in one of the rumor campaigns when she ran against Bill Janklow two years ago. Back then, one story was Stephanie ran for Congress to get back to the East Coast and a boyfriend in New York City. Guess they’ll have to retroactively edit that story to make it a girlfriend in New York City. Of course, at the same time that story was going in one ear, someone was saying in the other ear that she was a carpetbagger who hadn’t lived in South Dakota for years. Let’s see, you leave the East Coast for South Dakota to run for Congress to go back to the East Coast? Damn, those wymmen democrats are sly!

Now that Stephanie has been here working in the ag field for a few years, the rumor mill needs new grist. Sexuality and sexual orientation are perfect given the current tenor of intolerance in our country. All we need now is some GOPer holding up the list of all the subversive gays who have infiltrated and taken over the Democratic Party as part of a plot to destroy truth, freedom and the American way.

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