Worth the time (Part 2)

  • It isn’t like Rush or David Brooks admitting it, but Thomas Friedman is catching on. In his column Thursday, Friedman says Iraq is suffering on the altar of politics. Admitting he was wrong thinking the Bushies really were interested in Iraq, Friedman says, “There is something even more important to the Bush crowd than getting Iraq right, and that’s getting reelected and staying loyal to the conservative base to do so.”
  • The Blogging of the President has a nice summary and relevant links to a recent academic thesis documenting the Bushies used 27 rationales for the Iraq war between September 12, 2001, and October 11, 2002.
  • You knew it had to come but it’s coming from all sides, the facially rational, the Arabic media and the “black helicopter” types: conspiracy theories on the death of Nicholas Berg.
  • My erstwhile idol, Seymour Hersh, continues to show he has more going for him than 99.8 percent of the reporters half his age with his latest installment on the Iraq abuse saga in the New Yorker.

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