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Yes, the Argus Leader article on South Dakota political blogs ran this morning and, yes, I was in it. Quite frankly, much ado (largely beforehand) about little. Political blogs are hot items now and recently but I still think they may have jumped the shark and collapse of their own weight after the election. If nothing else, I would think the supporters of whoever wins are less likely to be active than their opponents.

As I told the reporter, blogging is very low on my list of priorities. It is simply an outlet for various thoughts I am foolish enough to put on the internet and to point out interesting items to people who may stop by. The posts have been largely political in nature simply because, sadly, politics tend to stir up emotions more than a good/bad book, movie or CD. In reality, I find those things much more interesting than politics.

I told only a handful of people I was doing this. If someone stumbled across it, fine. If not, it didn’t really matter. I spoke with the reporter not for publicity but (a) having been a reporter, I know the more sources, the better the story and (b) I feared the article might otherwise give the impression only conservatives are in the South Dakota blogosphere. I gave up my anonymity with trepidation, particularly for my family and law partners. None of them see anything that appears here ahead of time and they certainly should not be viewed as sanctioning or endorsing what I post. In fact, my kids would probably just roll their eyes and think for the umpteenth time how embarrassing their father can be.

What you read here is my opinion and my opinion only. Consider it laughable, thoughtful, profane, insightful or idiotic. Makes no nevermind to me. If it makes you think (agreeably or not) for even a second, then your trip wasn’t wasted.

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  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for participating in the Argus article on blogging and politics. I was beginning to feel like an endangered species out here among all these conservatives.

    L in Sioux Falls