Tuesday’s Argus Leader-KELO poll makes you wonder how South Dakotans can remain so blind to reality. The results:

• 53 percent said they approved of Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq.

• 53 percent approved of Bush’s handling of the economy.

• 65 percent approved of Bush’s handling of homeland security and the war against terrorists.

3 comments to Oblivious

  • HL

    Fundamental Arithmetic

    It’s the division thing
    Doesn’t add up
    Nothing over nothing
    Equals undefined
    Distraction substraction
    Sums to dumb action

  • HL

    Actually it is “duh-vision” instead of division. The Bill Gates, we’ll-do-your-thinking-for-you product got me this X.

  • I have been wondering what kind of support the ever-minor Bush would get in South Dakota if nobody knew he was on the Republican ticket and his last name was “Smith” instead of “Bush”.

    My guess is the support for the lying smirking jerk would drop to levels usually reserved for Libertarian candidates trapped by their own consistency and not free to flip-flop like fish on sand.

    South Dakota Republicans worship the sinking sand Bush wades in. It is still a great puzzlement to me.