Sounds like we’re being punished

Evangelicals believe God intervened to elect Bush this month. (Via Cursor).

2 comments to Sounds like we’re being punished

  • HL

    That’s the first explanation I have heard that can accomodate all the voting/exit polling, ad infinitum inconsistencies. God did it. Why didn’t I think of that. Angels changed the vote totals to what God wanted them to be since mere mortals, what do they know?

  • HL

    That’s first explanation I’ve heard that accomodates all the vote count/exit polls, ad infinitum inconsistencies. Got did it. Why didn’t I think of that? Angels fixing the vote so we mere mortals get another chance since we can’t even vote right.

    Einstein said God does do statistics, I guess maybe that the reason he did tell the angels to fix that part too, while they were at it.

    Praise God and pass the paranoia