The Old Year/The New Year

From a broad perspective, it was much easier to think “Happy New Year” a year ago than tonight. Then, there was the hope and optimism of ousting Bush and his cabal. Sure, it would not have undone the war into which this country was misled but it would have been an opportunity to turn the corner.

Instead, the voting public was fed more lies and distractions from the Bushies and the pulpits. As a result, as we look to a new year we face four more years of lies and deceit, a destructive foreign policy, and equally destructive and divisive economic and domestic policies. Sadly, this is not just a four-year bad dream on the horizon. The ramifications are more long-term. My children (and their children) will suffer the consequences of Bush and crew proving once again that you cannot underestimate the gullibility of the American people.

Thus, I hope all of you individually have a happy and prosperous New Year. There is little or no chance of that occurring for our body politic.

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