Worth the time

  • Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman? (Via
  • From a reader e-mail, here’s an interesting concept I plan on studying a bit closer: What would it mean for both the state and our individual pocketbooks if we replace all current South Dakota taxes with a state income tax?
  • The Guardian takes a look at the attack on Falluja, The City of Ghosts. Among other things: “The US military destroyed Falluja, but simply spread the fighters out around the country. They also increased the chance of civil war in Iraq by using their new national guard of Shias to suppress Sunnis.” (Via Cursor).
  • A Tomgram poses questions for Donald Rumsfeld about our torture policies.
  • Suspicion in the Ranks, a special investigative report by the Seattle Times on James Yee, the Muslim US Army chaplain who was indicted for espionage while serving at Guantanamo — charges that were dropped before trial. (Via Cursor).

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