Periodical observations

Sitting for hours the last two days (with one to go) at what is billed as the country’s second largest single weekend Junior Olympic volleyball national qualifier, I’ve had some time to catch up on my periodicals. A few observations:

  • This weekend’s New York Times Book Review has an interesting article on the role of the internet in the growth of self-publishing of books.
  • The recent death of the pope has impacted book sales. The bestseller list in the April 24 issue shows two books by John Paul II and one about him on the hardcover nonfiction list and one of his books on the paperback nonfiction best seller list.
  • Despite how good they are, I’m not going to repeat the opening paragraphs of Mike D’Angelo’s column on movies in this month’s Esquire. Suffice it to say he uses the forthcoming Star Wars III movie as the starting point of an effort to get movie-goers to start closing their pocketbooks to the “dreck” foisted upon us. Here’s his premise:

    In short, the movies you’re getting are the movies you deserve. And the only way to persuade studios to make better films is to stop seeing the ones they consider to be automatic slam dunks.

  • Finally, the volleyball tournament did keep me from watching Bruce tonight on Storytellers. My wife promises she recorded it.

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