A précis on parental dilemmas and joys

One thing should be clear to anyone who reads this blog or knows me — I would rather see Bruce Springsteen perform than almost anything.

Tickets for Bruce’s Oct. 12 solo acoustic performance at the less than 5,000 seat Northrop Auditorium at the U of M went on sale this morning. Early this morning it struck me that at the time ticket sales started, my 16-year-old daughter would be playing in a conference high school volleyball doubleheader on the other side of town and my wife had an in-service meeting for her new job. The usual suspects who would bail me out in such situations either had conflicts or weren’t available.

Let’ s see. My daughter is a junior varsity starter but unlikely to play in the varsity games. Bruce tickets are going to go fast. I don’t have a laptop or wireless access. What’s a guy to do?

No brainer. There are priorities in life and there are PRIORITIES in life. I proudly watched her JV team remain undefeated on the year by beating Spearfish 25-17, 25-19 and Sturgis 25-14, 25-17. (The varsity also won all of its games and, no, she didn’t play in those games).

There is a bit more to the story that may be indicative of the importance of recognizing the difference in priorities.

Have I mentioned we also have a wonderful daughter attending USD? Given her honors program coursework, her extracurricular activities and a fellowship, I had no doubt she was busy this morning. Still, a brief voice mail and e-mail to her just before leaving the house for volleyball meant she made time in her schedule to get tickets to the concert for her parents. So it’s back to the Twin Cities to see Bruce in a month!

Yet this may be predestined to be my favorite Springsteen concert ever because these seemingly small and inconsequential acts reinforced that the priority parents place on family sprouts seeds they may see bloom perennially through their children.

When you need me call my name
‘Cause without you my life just isn’t the same

“When You Need Me,” Bruce Springsteen, Tracks

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