The vast right wing, er…. left wing conspiracy

First a local Demo blog accuses the GOP of a conspiracy to phony up letters to the editor critical of Rep. Stephanie Herseth. Now, the local daily reveals (with typical Beck snarkiness) that the letters actually came from someone associated with the local chapter of something called the Progressive Democrats of America. It appears this vast left wing conspiracy was operated out of an apartment in south Sioux Falls. Not quite the way for an organization to make itself known in the area.

Too bad the letters were plants. I tended to agree with them. That said, and given the name of his blog, I suppose i should point out that I had not heard of the Progressive Democrats organization until reading the big expose this morning.

Let us be thankful for the fools; but for them the rest of us could not succeed.

Mark Twain

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  • it’s so very difficult, in this seemingly one-party state, to bring people’s thinking around to a different form of logic, when those on “our” side of the aisle do stupid things like this. {sigh} i found the letters somewhat agreeable as well; too bad it’s all in the delivery.