Dicta and marginalia

A few items of interest as I get caught up on periodicals and being away from my newsreader for a few days.

  • The Atlantic is quickly becoming one of my favorite magazines. Just the first several pages of this month’s issue (not the cover story or the features) includes: an excellent column on how the GOP has left the Democrats in the dust when it comes to government spending; a sidebar on how spending on Iraq and Afghanistan and hurricane recovery will cost each American household over $12,000; and an almost must-read piece examining many of the myths surrounding the arguments against an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Unfortunately, none is available in its entirety online unless you’re a subscriber but the magazine is well worth a subscription or a trip to the local bookstore or library.
  • Through a online group to which I belong comes word of Movielens, a web site run by the University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It is part of a research project in that department that serves as a movie recommendation site. You rank various movies and the site comes up with a list of personalized recommendations for other movies. You have to join to rank and get recommendations but it’s a neat little site and appears to keep fairly current on film and DVD releases.
  • John at SFSignal has a nice post with a collection of “best” lists in the science fiction and fantasy genre.
  • The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School has launched Wex, “a collaboratively-created, public-access law dictionary and encyclopedia.”

No matter how fast I run,
I can’t get away from me.

“Your Bright Baby Blues,” Jackson Browne, The Pretender

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