• As regular readers will know, I usually only mention the Argus Leader when it’s done something to irritate me. It’s time for a hat tip, though. Its editorial blog, Voices, does a great job responding to the idiots who won’t leave the death of Judge Lee Anderson alone.
  • SD Moderate caught something that escaped my attention. The long-awaited task force study on school funding doesn’t provide any real answers, eliminating an excuse the Legislature has used not to address the issue. How much do you want to bet the new “reason” for not addressing it will be the lawsuit challenging school funding?
  • It’s one of those “what if” things I occasionally think about that was brought to mind by a newsgroup posting last night. As I post this, the cost of the Iraq war nears $350 billion (with a B). In comparison, the cost of the entire Apollo program is estimated to have been $135 billion in current dollars. Blithely ignoring the national debt, what if we had spent that money in other areas?
  • As long as I’m in the “what if” realm, I suggest buying or renting Who Killed the Electric Car? It is an excellent documentary about the release and ultimate destruction of wholly electric cars that most owners absolutely loved. While I don’t know how they would do in our winters, I think I would definitely consider owning one were they still made. The documentary raises valid questions about whether this energy-saving alternative was killed by the big car companies and big oil and examines other potential culprits, including the public.

[T]he one thing an agnostic knows for sure is: you never know.

Mary Doria Russell, Children of God

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