• Congrats to Bud Parr at Chekhov’s Mistress for his undoubtedly well-deserved Google ranking. All of us who belong to MetaxuCafe are proud of you.
  • And let’s not forget my friend MinusCar also has a nice #1 Google ranking himself.
  • Leighanna at the University of Nebraska Press blog has a nice post on why science fiction and fantasy get no respect. Her best point, conclusively established by walking into any bookstore: “It isn’t that we have more crap. It’s that the crap is the first thing people see.”
  • More best of the year lists before the end of the year from the WaPo (10 best of the year), TLS (six literary folks pick their favorites) and the The Boston Globe (fiction and nonfiction). (Via SFBC Blog.)
  • Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is trying to compile “the ultimate year-end list of year-end lists.”
  • Finally, and perhaps most important, the answer to the question that has bothered all of us since childhood: if I dig straight down, where will I end up? (I don’t want to spoil it too much but if enough of us in Sioux Falls dig straight down and get a big enough desalinization facility, we would have a good start on solving future water problems). (Via Amy on the Web.)

I wish I had a hiding place
where no one could give me their shit
for the dreams that I have

“Better Than You,” The Uninvited, Artificial Hip

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