Bliss out of the blue

Many (my wife included) might say I am oblivious to much that goes on around me. Today could serve as a case in point.

I forgot (or hadn’t realized) that Monday is MLK Day until somebody mentioned over lunch that our office is closed Monday. It was like being handed a three-day weekend out of the blue. And because it is a federal holiday, it also means I don’t have to mail my quarterly estimated tax payment to the IRS until Tuesday. That’s like icing on the cake.

I’m sure it won’t take much effort to put this surprise to “productive” use.  Still, if you ask me, my oversight is not an example of a tendency to ignore much of the outside world. Rather, it simply serves as proof that occasionally ignorance can, in fact, produce bliss.

Without a little negligence, life would be intolerable.

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1 comment to Bliss out of the blue

  • Elais

    Unlucky for me, my workplace does not close for MLK day. I was oblivious to the day as well, and I shouldn’t have been.