Search term follies – Part 3

When I started this, I wondered if there would be enough unusual searches to make this a regular feature. The pace keeps up enough that it has been monthly. There is, however, a new and (at least to me) somewhat disturbing theme that I grouped together below.


  1. the piano flaccid penis
  2. show the pictures of affected penis
  3. penis and testicles pictures
  4. flaccid penis pictures
I sure would like to know what I did to make Google send the people searching for flaccid penises here. Now I could see it if I had a bunch of Viagra references or ads, but I don’t. Now perhaps other people have called me a dick or the like on their blogs but that still doesn’t turn up this site in these searches. And what in the hell does a piano have to do with any of this?

GOOGLE (UK) SEARCH: tunnel rats vietnam naked women

I sincerely doubt the tunnel rats were looking for naked women in the Viet Cong tunnels. Outside the tunnels though…..

GOOGLE SEARCH: tim didn’t like the corkscrew

I just hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the first group of searches. I have nothing against corkscrews. It’s just that I don’t like wine.

GOOGLE SEARCH: Shocking Statistics of Procrastination

I will look for them later.

GOOGLE SEARCH: ray bradbury atomic bomb christian weapon

I find this a particularly interesting conjunction of search terms. Now maybe it relates to a search for something Ray Bradbury wrote at some point about atomic bombs being or somehow related to “christian” weapons. I’m not aware of any such writing (nor could I find one) so the relationship among these terms leaves me me intrigued.

GOOGLE (POLAND) SEARCH: nullification amputation

I imagine amputation could be considered a method of attempting nullification of a body part. Actually, both sound painful.

GOOGLE SEARCH: kidney problem and simulation in islam

I have no clue what Islam has to do with kidney problems, let alone simulating them. I have heard of people (myself included as a kid) feigning illness to avoid attending religious services but didn’t know anyone got this specific.

GOOGLE SEARCH: I want to unbaptized

Hmm, I wonder if that raises issues with limbo or if it means straight to hell without passing “Go”?

GOOGLE (SPAIN) SEARCH: curtain intolerance

I have no problems with curtains. I just prefer seeing outside and having the sun come in.

GOOGLE SEARCH: a weekend in jail blog

Please, there is a difference between having contributed to a blog about JAIL and spending a weekend in a real jail. I did the former, never the latter.

GOOGLE SEARCH:”one vile fucking task after another”

Yes, I too miss Al Swearengen’s insightful observations about life.

Never drive a car when you’re dead.

“Telephone Call from Istanbul,” Tom Waits, Franks Wild Years

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