Catching up marginalia

As I continue to catch up on things following my trip, more marginalia:

  • I think it’s the DMV’s action that is “offensive . . . and not in good taste and decency.” Oh yes, let’s also mention potentially violative of the First Amendment. If the argument is that you can’t use state property for such a message, then I’m certainly going to be keeping an eye out for vanity plates promoting some religion.
  • A short story by Kurt Vonnegut published in a SF magazine but never appearing in book form is now available at Project Gutenberg. (HT.) Published in 1962, the story explores a theme like that in “Welcome to the Monkey House,” a short story appearing in a collection of stories by the same name in 1968. In fact, it even uses some of the same phrases.
  • The Quills, the supposed consumer vote book awards, have been revamped to limit the consumer votes to book of the year. (Via.)
  • One of several items I intended to get up before leaving was to note that the National Book Critics Circle, of which I am a member, has launched a campaign against the trend to eliminate newspaper book review sections. There’s been quite a bit of press about that trend since the campagin began, although I must say I largely agree with Edward Champion’s thoughts on the subject insofar as the online book community is concerned, an issue also addressed in press coverage.
  • I also failed to note before I left that it appears that limbo apparently is close to being abandoned at the Vatican. So does this mean the pagan babies who weren’t saved with our money in Catholic grade school decades ago will receive a “Get Out of Limbo Free” card?

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