Armchair traveling

Given the amount of SF I’ve been consuming lately (“not that there’s anything wrong with that”), I’ve decided to embark on one of the many “reading challenges” that circulate in the blogosphere.

Largely because I first learned of it about the time of my post on foreign literature, I’m going to pursue The Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge that began July 1. Theoretically, I’m supposed to list the six books I intend to read between now and year end. At this point, though, I plan on simply listing “candidates” for the challenge since the rules allow participants to switch out books throughout the challenge. I will simply update the list here as books are completed (two as of this initial post) or added to the list of selections.


Future Candidates:


Paths that lead to the most profound destinations, to moments of illumination or change, have nothing to do with actual travel, but rather negotiate a mental geography.

Lucius Shepard, Life During Wartime

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