More on the Morrows

As I noted upon my return from Readercon, Jim and Kathy Morrow graciously inscribed and gave me their copy of their recent anthology of European SF after I’d forgotten mine at home. I promised to send my copy to replace theirs.

I e-mailed Jim after I returned to get a mailing address. I hadn’t heard back and wondering if my e-mail got caught up somewhere, e-mailed him again Thursday. His and Kathy’s response? Pass my copy on to another SF fan or the local library.

My copy will be going to Siouxland Libraries as it does not have the book and in the hopes it will get more readers that way. I will also see if the library will note that the donation is courtesy of the Morrows.

For me, thinking and feeling are inextricably intermixed.

Jim Morrow, December 2001 interview

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