Political marginalia

  • Maybe it’s just proof of comparably bent minds, but I’m happy to see someone else had the very thought I did when I heard about Alberto Gonazles’ resignation.
  • I cannot comment on Tim Johnson’s appearance or medical status, since I did not attend Tuesday’s rally and did not watch the Nightline program. That said, I am somewhat surprised by the number of non-professionals quoted in broadcast or print news stories pronouncing on his mental faculties based solely on being in the audience at the rally.
  • One of the more apt comments I’ve seen following the rally comes from Doug Wiken, who wrote: “I hope too [that Johnson] can now see why we need a single-payer insurance system that can help people with serious health problems who don’t also happen to be in the US Senate. He can become a spokesman in the senate for those who suffer from similar afflictions but are without his insurance, family, and economic resources.”
  • Because I generally don’t watch television news, I learned from Rolling Stone today: Ted Nugent Told To Dial Back Politics at South Dakota State Fair. That’s certainly an advisable and wise choice but I’m thinking that, sadly, too many in our state are receptive to the recent message for which Nugent is being criticized.

I read the papers
And I got the blues

“Long Distance Love,” Little Feat, The Last Record Album

2 comments to Political marginalia

  • George

    If you feel what Tim did is right you belong in the cell with him, PERIOD

  • Tim

    Gee, George, what did I describe about Tim Johnson that makes you think he belongs in a jail cell? I wasn’t aware we imprisoned people for appearing in public following a brain injury. Different views of America, I guess.