The girls are back in town

It was one of those hectic, and at times trying and irritating, weeks. But by Friday evening both college girls were home, bringing the “terrible trio” together for middle daughter’s 19th birthday this weekend.

While the noise and activity level more than triples, there also seems to be a corresponding increase in everyone’s feeling of contentment. Because it’s almost like they are each other’s best friend, I know they weren’t all that brokenhearted when I left to attend another terrific concert in the Jazz & Blues Series Friday night. Still, I’m blowing off tonight’s hockey game to enjoy the carefree turmoil.

Although my wife being own of town with a very sick relative results in a appreciable absence, I still noticed something last night from the increased sense of serenity in the house. It was the first time in a while I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Go on and make a joyful sound

“For A Dancer,” Jackson Browne, Late for the Sky

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