Madhouse marginalia

No, I haven’t been locked up — so far at least. As noted in the last post, last week was hectic and a state Supreme Court argument this week in a major case have left little time for much other than bouncing between doing and stressing. Thus, a few pieces of linkage until my next post, which likely will not be until the middle of the week at the earliest.

  • This one’s a tad old but, sadly, this Onion story is another example of satire hitting too close to the mark: “Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book.”
  • For eccentrics at the other extreme, The Atlantic has opened its site to all visitors, not just subscribers. This means, among other things, you can browse issues going back to 1995 and hundreds of articles dating as far back as 1857, including book reviews.
  • It may not be what you think but I love space porn.
  • Much closer to what you may have been thinking about the prior item, I’d love to hear the guy explaining to his wife, “But honey, I’ve got to watch it for a piece I’m writing.”
  • Five SF/F concepts scientists are working on. (Via.)
  • Tell us Ed, what do you really think about the NYT Book Review‘s SF columnist? For what it’s worth, other blogs agree and I’m pretty much with them.
  • three percent has a preview of the books in this year’s “Reading the World,” a collaboration between publishers and independent booksellers to promote literature in translations throughout the month of June.
  • The second in Jackson Browne’s series of CDs from his solo acoustic tours, named appropriately Solo Acoustic, Vol. 2, is set for release in early March. He also is working on a studio album of new material for release later this year.

No sooner had I hit the streets
When I met the fools that a young fool meets
All in search of truth and bound for glory

“Daddy’s Tune,” Jackson Browne, The Pretender

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