If this is Wednesday, this must be …

When I first started practicing law, I loved the travel. San Francisco, Detroit, the Twin Cities, Raleigh-Durham, the Twin Cities and plenty of places betwixt and between. But I quickly learned that it wears on a person. I missed sleeping in my own bed and I especially missed my kids, young as they were. I changed my practice so I didn’t have to travel out of state as much. Now, years later my travel desire hasn’t increased a lot, particularly with the airport hell of post-9/11 America.

So that’s why I’m somewhat surprised by the streak I seem to be on. Friday was Omaha. Sunday was St. Paul. Tuesday was spent en route to Bloomington, Ind., where I’ll be through the end of the week (and hopefully it will quit raining between now and then). Still to come before Memorial Day: Denver, Minneapolis (at least twice) and New York City. Equally as odd, only one trip is work-related. About half relate t0 kids looking at colleges, either graduate or undergrad.

There are potential scheduling advantages, though. Springsteen and the E Street Band are in Indianapolis tomorrow night and my oldest daughter and I fly out of there Friday. Whether she can experience her first E Street arena revival will depend on just what IU has in mind for her in the extremely busy schedule it’s created for her that already fills the day tomorrow.

I’m ready to grow young again

“No Surrender,” Bruce Springsteen, Born in the U.S.A.

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