SD blogosphere changes

What with family activities, work and getting the new site ready to go, many of the normal things I’ve been neglectful of deal with recent changes in the SD blogosphere, most involving Todd Epp. The latter two have been duly noted in the blogroll at right:

Todd has decided to give more legal focus to […]

No on Amendment E blog

PP has launched the No on Amendment E – SD Jail-4-Judges blog. It is aptly subtitled, “One annoying blogger’s little attempt to derail South Dakota’s 2006 Amendment E – the Judicial Accountability Act.”

He won’t be alone. This blog will also continue to examine South Dakota’s Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) amendment and its backers. […]

Some (small) common ground

Sometimes it’s interesting where you find items of common ground.

After receiving a nice e-mail last weekend from Joel Rosenthal about a recent post, I took a closer look at his blog, Straight Talk. I knew it was there but hadn’t paid much attention. You see, there probably isn’t a lot on which he and […]

Plains life sans car

A friend has embarked on an interesting summer venture: he’s going to see how little he can use his car. He’s launched a blog, appropriately named MinusCar, to detail and document his efforts, which involve a combination of mass transit in Sioux Falls, such as it is, and his love of bicycling.

Take a look […]

SD blog observations

If you haven’t seem them already, here’s a couple items that are worth the time:

While I think the “Gannon” controversy is pushing the envelope of a legitimate lifepsan, here’s a more historical analysis where ethically challenged is a kind description. (Via Dakota Today).

Hats off to Trent for taking a closer look at […]

“Gannon,” Thune and Thune’s paid bloggers

A friend points out the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert uproar may hit pretty close to home. Joe Conason has this at Salon and there’s also info here and here on “Gannon’s” connections with Thune and Thune’s paid bloggers. Maybe those bloggers were even more slimy than we thought.