My two cents on the JAIL vote

My initial reaction to the election results? KELO might want to think about evaluating what polling firm it uses. (For what it’s worth, a quick review shows its also missed on the outcome of both the “gay marriage amendment” and the property tax initiative, with the error on the latter being almost as large as […]

“Now That It’s Over”

Okay, maybe it’s not really over but the polls are open, the voters are casting their ballots and the campaigns are in their last gasp.

I moved my blog away from politics because of the level of political discourse in this country. I have to say, though, that jousting with South Dakota JAILer-in-chief Bill Stegmeier, […]

“Reverend” Branson still pounding that drum

Ron Branson continues beating the drum of legally bogus and idiotic claims of fraud in his latest rant and rave. Today’s again deals with Attorney General Larry Long’s ballot explanation and the South Dakota Legislature unanimously passing a resolution urging voters to vote against Amendment E.

According to Branson’s keen and insightful analysis, “it behooves […]

A judicial determination the JAILers are lying?

They love using the word accountability but, as I indicated in a No on E blog post last night, I have a feeling the fact Judge Max Gors held South Dakota JAILer-in-chief accountable for his misstatements will probably become “Fraud 5” or some other such number.

On Friday, Judge Gors formally entered his order and […]

At least they created some unity

I don’t attribute much to the people behind Amendment E other than a having a strong belief in revenge and distrust of government and law. Yet it struck me recently that the Amendment E folks could actually lay claim to the infamous phrase, “I’m a uniter, not a divider.” After all, look who they united […]