Birth of a behemoth

Who would have thought a book called Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought” would have been the beginning of an online revolution. Yet 18 years ago today that was the first item sold on a website called Amazon. Today is a behemoth, not only in the world of […]

Recommending a “worst” book?

Several years ago I blogged about how I thought some of Amazon’s music recommendations for me were a bit wacky. Now its got me wondering about the general emails it sends out recommending books in various subjects.

Yesterday I received an Amazon email suggesting some history books I “might be interested in.” Listed twice — […]

Bye, bye Book Depository?

Two years ago, I asked whether The Book Depository, the U.K.’s largest online bookstore, would complement Amazon or compete with it. The end result? Amazon is buying it.

The sale is going to be looked at by the U.K.;s Office of Fair Trading and has sparked fears the deal will “tighten the American company’s ‘stranglehold’ […]