10th anniversary: In blog years I’m dead

It’s a t-shirt I’ve always wanted. It said, “In dog years, I’m dead.” I’m starting to think the same thing applies to blogs.

Today is the 10th anniversary of this blog. Certainly, it’s not the oldest blog out there and it has changed focus over time. But it seems to have outlasted many. How long […]

Why do I do this?

Actually, I ask myself that question about blogging with some regularity. In fact, I occasionally consider abandoning the blog, a thought that comes up when I’ve got a number of books to review and feel a bit pressed for time. A lot of people probably think bloggers blog because they believe everyone is obligated entitled […]

Lacking inspiration — or creativity

I blame it on February. For as short as it is, it still reminds you not only that it’s winter but that spring just might be out there. Case in point is that when I went to the state capitol last week, it had a record high temp (61). Sunday, it set a record for […]

Not barking there

For quite a while, I’ve been noticing various items on the book blogs and sites in my feed reader and think, “That again?” Evidently, I’m not alone as King Rat (a.k.a. Philip Weiss) kind of brought it home in a post he did on book blogging topics he’s done with on his blog.

Like […]

Another blog birthday

Seven years ago today the first post appeared on this blog. Since then, nearly 1,850 have been added (counting a handful of repeats). While a number of SD blogs have come and gone over those years, this one keeps stumbling and bumbling along, moving far away from its original political tone.

There will be close […]

BBAW update

As I anticipated (and was fairly well confirmed when only one-third of the voters actually visited my blog), I didn’t make the longlists in the two categories I was in for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I am pleased, though, that three of the five blogs I voted for in the Best Written category (after looking […]