Not required law school reading

In recent years the ABA Journal, the magazine of the America Bar Association, has been into various “best of” lists for law (e.g., best movies, best TV shows). The latest is the 25 Greatest Law Novels Ever (there’s actually 26 because there was a tie for 25th). Evidently, my cultural legal education is lacking as […]

Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

Normally, I would be writing about missteps and milestones today. But there weren’t really any missteps and there was a major milestone. As a result, I decided Matt Haig’s The Humans deserved more than a passing mention. It is the first book I’ve given a five star rating on Goodreads in two years. I also […]

A Kafkaesque anniversary

I’m guessing I was in high school when I first heard the word “existential” or “existentialism.” Likewise, I’m guessing that was when I first grasped even a glimmer of what it meant — and I am still far from claiming comprehension. One thing I’ve always found unique about existentialism is fiction’s role in it. Ask […]

Rereading trepidation

I’ve been an evangelist for Maria Doria Russell’s The Sparrow since I first read it in 1996. Although using science fiction as a vehicle, it is a thought-provoking look at philosophy and spirituality. I even have two first editions of it, the one I read and a rather pristine one as a sort of personal […]

Book Review: GOOD GOD JOHNNY by JJ Spankston

Unlike some, I don’t think “blind faith” is redundant (although it was one hell of a short-lived “supergroup”). Granted, faith necessarily implies belief without the need for evidence. But “blind” suggests the faith exists without contemplation or introspection and perhaps even through willful ignorance. If the blindness is exposed to questioning, thought or analysis, it […]

March missteps — and milestones

I am a bit disappointed in myself with this month’s misstep. Enough so that I feel some need to make amends. Therefore, rather than simply identify the books that fail me in a month, I will add those that surprise me or are better than anticipated.

Why am I disappointed about the one book I […]