So much stuff, so little time

There’s plenty out there the last day or so so I’m just going to mention and link to what a couple of the biggest highlights.

Paul Krugman is again on the mark in his latest NY Times column. A brief excerpt: “we should be deeply disturbed by the history of this war. For its message […]

Who needs Saddam when you’ve got US?

The “insurgency” doesn’t need Saddam to lead or inspire. We’re doing a fine job of inspiring them on our own. I find the following paragraphs from this AP story chilling and appalling.

SAMARRA, Iraq (AP) — U.S. troops smashed down workshop doors and junkyard gates with sledgehammers, crowbars, explosives and even armored vehicles in a […]

Nattering Nabobs of Positivity

I’ve about had it with the blithering and dithering over the capture of Saddam. As much as Bush and crew would like us to believe this is the greatest thing since the end of World War II, the fact is it ain’t gonna change a thing.

There still are no WMDs found and the […]

Helping the Men and Women in Iraq

Here’s a great idea via The Liquid List:

It turns out that soldiers are writing to their families from Iraq asking for toothpaste, shampoo, and other basic needs that the military makes them buy. Yes, makes them buy. Why, you may ask, isn’t the military providing this stuff for free? That’s a damn good question, […]

A powerful statement

Although he is, sadly, probably unelectable, you got to hand it to Dennis Kucinich. His web site has a powerful antiwar ad. The national Democractic Party, MoveOn or the like should buy this ad from him, keep it updated and air it repeatedly nationally. (Via Left I on the News)